‘Iconic’ Legacy Approved By FAA To Become The Second Tallest Worldcenter Tower At 661 Feet
Posted On: January 26, 2021
Legacy Miami Worldcenter has had its height approved by the Federal Aviation Administration.
The Rise of Preventative Medicine in Hotels and Condos
Posted On: December 14, 2020
Downtown Miami’s newest mixed-use tower, Legacy Hotel & Residences, aims to be a model for how hotels can be designed to stay open and operational during future health pandemics.
A New Model for High End Health Care
Posted On: November 6, 2020
Using innovative technology and personalized branding, hybrid design studio Cactus blurs the line between hospitals and health spas.
Legacy Tower Developer Has Filed For FAA Height Approval, City Construction Permit
Posted On: November 2, 2020
The developer of the Legacy Tower at Miami Worldcenter have filed for a construction permit and for Federal Aviation Administration height approval.
Luxury condos in Miami now offer on-site doctors for residents
Posted On: October 26, 2020
Well before the coronavirus disrupted Miami’s condo market, luxury developers were pushing a cutting-edge amenity: on-site concierge medical services for residents. Now, with so many people avoiding crowded doctors’ offices, those forward-thinking wellness amenities have become hits with buyers.
Modern Men Of Miami
Posted On: October 11, 2020
Miami Magazine is pleased to present some of the most distinguished men that are taking the Greater Miami Area by storm. These outstanding industry leaders are shaping the future of their respective fields as some of the most prominent influencers in our community.
Sanitizing Butlers, UV Robots, Disinfection Rooms: ‘Covid Cleaning’ Solutions Are The Latest Luxury Amenities
Posted On: September 30, 2020
Mudrooms are out. Instead the real estate world is giving a hearty welcome to disinfection rooms—the same physical space that mudrooms took up in a house, but now they’re being rebranded as a place for homeowners or their guests to take steps to prevent any possible covid germs from being spread.
Meet the New Caregiver: Your Home
Posted On: September 9, 2020
New technology is allowing homeowners who can afford it to outfit their bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms with tools to monitor their health.
There IS a Doctor in the House
Posted On: August 26, 2020
Amenities Get Medical in the COVID-19 Era
The Doctor Will See You Now—Without Leaving Your Home
Posted On: August 17, 2020
As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage, telemedicine is becoming the latest luxury residential must-have
Posted On: August 4, 2020
MIAMI NATIONAL NEWS ADVISORY & INTERVIEW INVITATION | WHAT: First U.S. Residential Skyscraper to Deploy World’s Only Proven COVID-Killing UV Light Robot Exclusive Xenon Ray Robot Demonstration | PARAMOUNT Miami Worldcenter CEO-Developer & LightStrike CEO Interviews Available
This New Miami Hotel Residence, Connected To A Medical Center, Is Poised For A Pandemic
Posted On: July 31, 2020
The developers of a new mixed-use tower in Miami, set to open in 2024, weren’t anticipating a global pandemic when they came up with the idea for their latest project — a medical center attached to a luxury hotel-condo. However, the coronavirus, which has hit Florida particularly hard, has spurred some changes in the complex and attracted interest.
What Buildings Will Look Like After the Covid Crisis
Posted On: July 29, 2020
Luxury real-estate developers are rethinking living spaces, staircases and even ventilation systems amid the coronavirus pandemic
A High-Tech Array of Travel Tools: ‘Smart’ Health Cards, Temperature-Reading Glasses and More
Posted On: July 23, 2020
Products that rely on artificial intelligence aim to make travel safer during the pandemic. But hefty prices and privacy concerns are issues.
Doctor’s orders: developers increasingly tap medical experts, ameniti
Posted On: July 22, 2020
South Florida developers are incorporating telemedicine or medical space into their projects
Do homeowners want telehealth as an amenity? CC Homes and Baptist are betting on it
Posted On: July 15, 2020
Developers in South Florida agree — more home buyers will want new construction with wellness components due to the pandemic. One home builder is turning to telemedicine to meet the anticipated demand.
Great Places and Spaces
Posted On: July 13, 2020
Oasis in the sky
Miami mixed-use tower looks to prepare for a post-pandemic world
Posted On: July 2, 2020
In what may be the first of many to fundamentally redesign in the face of the challenges raised by the COVID-19 pandemic, Miami’s Legacy Hotel & Residences recently announced plans to incorporate a medical and wellness center into its facility.
Miami Worldcenter Hotel to Include Pandemic-Ready Medical Center | Legacy Hotel and Residences
Posted On: June 30, 2020
Legacy Hotel & Residences will include a 100,000-square-foot medical center equipped and staffed much like a hospital in a nod to more health-concerned travelers.
Plans unveiled for health care facility at Miami Worldcenter
Posted On: June 25, 2020
A medical office will join the lineup of uses at Miami Worldcenter, the 27-acre mixed-use project on the north side of downtown.
For future pandemics, Miami Worldcenter plans $60M health center
Posted On: June 24, 2020
The new healthcare center will be part of Legacy Hotel & Residences
A medical complex is coming to Miami Worldcenter — but COVID-19 is making some changes
Posted On: June 24, 2020
A $60 million medical center is planned for Miami Worldcenter, the mixed-use downtown development. The 100,000-square-foot Center for Health + Performance, or CH+P, will sit on the ground floor of the Legacy Hotel & Residences, according to a release from the tower’s development firm, Royal Palm Companies.
‘The Future Looks Bleak’: The Pandemic Ravages Medical Tourism
Posted On: June 23, 2020
As costs mount in the coronavirus crisis, hospitals are shifting their plans to develop hotels for patients seeking specialized treatments, despite an uncertain outlook.
Miami Worldcenter Hotel to Include Pandemic-Ready Medical Center
Posted On: June 16, 2020
Legacy Hotel & Residences will include a 100,000-square-foot medical center equipped and staffed much like a hospital in a nod to more health-concerned travelers.
What frequent vacationers should look for when purchasing a warm-weather escape
Posted On: March 20, 2020
Discusses what frequent vacationers should look for when purchasing a second home in a warm climate